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Hey !
I am Youmin,
a graphic designer
and art director
based in Brooklyn,
New York.

Oh, I also love walking and observing the sky.


Does Stereotype Make You Puke?

Campaign + Packaging Design
Jan - March 2019
The campaign "Does Stereotype make you puke?" will mock Urban Decay's Instagram post and give message about the misuse of one’s culture as a marketing strategy.

Recent Instagram post from Urban Decay showing different eyebrow shapes became controversial because of their inaccurate image they chose to portray Korean style makeup.

“We gave women the alternative makeup colors they craved and challenged them to defy the stereotypical notions of beauty.” This is Urban Decay’s mission from their website. Also, the image above is the first advertisement that they created about their bold statement of going against stereotype. So, Urban Decay, let’s not give a name to a brow shape that causes stereotypical image of one culture.

By creating the campaign called "Does Stereotype make you puke?", the brow stencil will mock Urban Decay's Instagram post and give message that they should at least do research before using other culture as their marketing strategy. The brow stencil represents the stereotype and users are encourage to boldly go against it.